World cup 2010, 3 easy steps to mute the VUVUZELA noise

to celebrate the come back home of the French team, I’d like to share with you the easiest way to cut the annoying buzzing of vuvuzela  in Ubuntu (compatible with all Gnome system).

1- Download and install PulseAudio Multiband EQ

2- Create the filter by copying the following lines in to the new file ~/.pulse/presets/vuvu-cut.preset

  • create the folders:
    mkdir ~/.pulse
    mkdir ~/.pulse/presets
  • the 4 frequencies to mute: 233Hz, 466Hz, 932Hz and 1864Hz (thanks
    nano ~/.pulse/presets/vuvu-cut.preset
Multiband EQ
  • save the file and exit:
    Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X
  • prevent the changes of the presets file by changing the right:
    chmod 444 ~/.pulse/presets/vuvu-cut.preset

3- Now, when you want to watch a match

  • open the soft in the gnome menu Applications/Sound & Video/PulseAudio Equalizer
  • select EQ Enabled and choose the vuvu-cut in the Preset list.

Enjoy the rest of the World Cup 2010 without the French team (I have to confess now, I’m a bit sad for my country).

Sources: for the frequencies and idea for the PulseAudio EQ installation/source
– French team for the motivation to write this article.


Convert a PDF to Epub for reading with your iPhone

It’s a bit frustrating to read a PDF file with an iPhone.

Why ?
Not only because the screen is too small (ok.. it could be is) but really because the PDF format doesn’t offer the needed functionalities for this type of device (no zoom, fixed page width..).
It’ why the formats of eBook exist, of course!

Good but what to do if you have like me some PDF impossible to find in eBook format?
It’s not more a problem since I found this very useful online tool called epub2go (

In 3 clicks, your PDF file will be converted.
 And more, the website offers the possibility to import easily the eBook in your iPhone via your email.

Let’s go for the (unneeded) howto:

1- Choose if the PDF file is on your computer or online.
2a- if it’s online, click on the bottom button and insert the URL
2b- if the file is on your computer, click on the top button and choose where it is (Browse)
3- After the processing screen, insert your email address and click on “Send to my iPhone

That’s it for the conversion part.

Now to install the eBook on your Iphone:
1- go to Apple Store and install Stanza. It’s a free eBook reader.
2- check your email on your iPhone and open the message from ePUB2Go
3- click (tap) on the link inside the message
4- now the ePUB2Go website is automatically open and in the second after a black screen appears with an icon of a book in the middle of the screen.
5- finally, Stanza is open with your new book in the list!

A good read!


If you want to read your ePub on your desktop, have a look on this list (from

Mac OS Mac OS Adobe Digital Editions
Lexcycle Stanza
Windows Windows Adobe Digital Edition
Lexcycle Stanza
Mobipocket Reader Desktop
Linux Linux FBReader

Auto updating security packages with Ubuntu (Debian) system

It’s a bit hard to maintain manually a lot of servers but it’s really
important to keep them updated. It’s why I looked for an automatic
solution and it has been pretty easy to find a good and simple one.

I propose to you to use an utility called apt-cron.

installing it on our system:
sudo apt-get install apt-cron

creating a new security list:
sudo nano  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/security.sources.list

deb hardy-security maindeb hardy-security universe

setuping APT actions:
sudo nano /etc/cron-apt/action.d/5-install

autoclean -q -ydist-upgrade -q -y -o APT::Get::Show-Upgraded=true -o Dir::Etc::sourcelist=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/security.sources.list -o Dir::Etc::sourceparts=nonexistent -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confdef -o DPkg::Options::=--force-confold

adding a cron task:
sudo crontab -e

5 0    *   *   *  test -x /usr/sbin/cron-apt && /usr/sbin/cron-apt

To test the auto update process:
sudo /usr/sbin/cron-apt

To check the log:
sudo cat /var/log/cron-apt/log

idea / source from

How to restore the app icons lost on ASUS eeePC 901 (and other)

Well, a strange thing appears sometimes after a simple update (but I don’t know exactly when).
Some icons disappear and then it looks impossible to start them!

After a long investigation, I found that the problem was in the configuration file of the simple interface.
This file, called simpleui.rc includes all informations of the simple interface (easy isn’t it?).
The problem is that ASUS changed the way to run some applications (“Webcam” -> “ucview” app or “Sound Recorder” -> “krecord” app).
Before this change, the simpleui.rc called a shell launcher script  (/usr/bin/launch-ucview for example).
But this launcher doesn’t exist any more and the configuration tries to use it again.

So, the solution is to change the way to run applications in the simpleui.rc file.

– Open a console window Ctrl+Alt+t
– First of all, we’ll create a symbolic link to the configuration file., run this lines:
– sudo mkdir /home/user/.AsusLauncher
– sudo ln -s /var/lib/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc /home/user/.AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc
– Now, we’ll modified the configuration file, run this lines:
– sudo  nano /home/user/.AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc
– in Nano, push Ctrl+w (search) and enter “launch-”   Enter
– replace “/usr/bin/launch-ucview” by “/usr/bin/ucview
– do the same with “/usr/bin/launch-krecord” -> “/usr/bin/record
– save the change with Ctrl+o
– and quit Nano: Ctrl+x
– To finish, restart Windows Manager with Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace

Here you can find the original simpleui.rc file from 901:

(Updated: 2009.02.06, thanks to Hugo)

eeepc 901.. good but not nice with a wifi (lightly) protected by WEP!

Trying to fix an annoying problem with the eeepc 901 today.
Its wifi connection stops to work each time I’m starting to use it.
After some searches on the web, I found that I’m not alone in this case (with all eeepc models).
Apparently, the problem is linked with the WEP protection (encryption).
I decided to setup a new wifi with a WPA protection..
and it looks to work, good to know isn’t it?

Know a lot of things on the eeepc family, go there: