New illustration: La MOOouette Pirate for a French article on the website AFUL


Last week, someone sent to me a request for an illustration with La MOOouette (mascot of the French project) for a (French) article.
The subject was why it’s better to use alternatives solutions instead the pirated copies of MS Office in the companies or associations.

Well, idea has been given to create a pirate MOOouette, it’s what I did!

Article url (in French):

Advertisements Education – let’s go with A3 posters and laptop stickers

Little break on my web dev to make some Education project visual elements!
Here we have 2 A3 posters to complete with any text you want and 4 differents stickers for laptop or anywhere else.
I'll provide the SVG source to everyone who ask me. 3.0 on native MAC OS-X hits better than Linux!

A great news for all developers of the port to native Mac OS-X system,the number of downloads is higher than for Linux system (according with this source:

  • “221,230 GNU/Linux users
  • an impressive 320,622 Mac OS X users
  • a staggering 2,449,863 Microsoft Windows users.”

Well done guys, I’m happy for you specially for Eric. Education mascot ready for the Foss.In in Bangalore

Rakesh Pandit ( will normally go to the Foss.In event in Bangalore (India) on Nov 25-29, 2008.
So, to go with him, the mascot has take a picture just behind the Taj Mahal..

At the moment, we don’t know if Eric Bachard ( will join Rakesh to the Foss.In, he’s waiting an answer from the organizers!
Good luck guys. Education mascot ready to go to Toronto!

Today, it’s time to make a break and contribute to the open source community!
Well, I drew a new image for the Education project.
The theme is a visit of the Edu-MOoouette (mascot of the project) to Toronto (specially for Eric).
See the result :

So, it’s a new image in the collection:
What do you think about the images?