Kiwix-the perfect wikimedia offline solution

Few weeks ago, I found a very impressive tool for consulting a mediawiki without Internet, in offline mode: Kiwix
This client is currently available for Windows and Linux.
A Mac OS version is on intensive development.

To use it, you need a ZIM file (specific format) which contains a static copy of Mediawiki and allowing to make searches. The generation a ZIM file is not really trivial  but after some tries, I have been able to make one by myself with my personal wiki data.
Yes, that could become a sort of backup solution for a personal wiki.

In the same time, I offered to the creator to make a new skin for Kiwix. He was happy with the idea to get a new design and finally integrated the new skin called “Evolution” (based on the Gnome icons set and the Tango icons set).

Today, I had the chance to test the preview version of Kiwix for MAC OX. And what I can tell you, that’s the developers have made a very good work on this port!
Except some small visual problems, the client is working exactly like in the other OS, well done !

Below, some snapshots of the tests:

fullscreen slideshow