Notion Ink logo contest

Notion ink is the company which will provide to us the Adam tablet, the more promising tablet of the year.

Why promising?
First of all, because it will be the first pad to provide a 10.1″ screen technology with 2 modes: passive and active. It should be possible to watch the screen outside even in sunny day.
It will come with Nvidia Tegra2, SSD 16/32Go, 3.2 Mp swivel camera and more…
For the rest of specifications, go to

Last Friday (10.15), a contest has been launched on the official blog ( to design the company logo.
For the winner: $1,000 and (particularly) a ADAM tablet only if a logo is retained!

Designing a company logo is really challenging and stimulating. In the same time, I’d like to get a ADAM tablet. Then I decide to try one’s luck.!

Let me share with you some designs made for the contest (and already sent).

I should be happy to read your comment about my proposals!


iPhone UI Vector (SVG) Elements

I’ve recently added to, 2 news SVG images: iPhone and iPad in realistic style.
Today, I’ve finished the 1st version of the UI elements set. 

With this set, you can design the visual of your own app (or webapp) in Inkscape or SVG compatible software.
As already said in the title, all of the elements are in pure SVG.



Download this file

New illustration: La MOOouette Pirate for a French article on the website AFUL


Last week, someone sent to me a request for an illustration with La MOOouette (mascot of the French project) for a (French) article.
The subject was why it’s better to use alternatives solutions instead the pirated copies of MS Office in the companies or associations.

Well, idea has been given to create a pirate MOOouette, it’s what I did!

Article url (in French): 3.0 on native MAC OS-X hits better than Linux!

A great news for all developers of the port to native Mac OS-X system,the number of downloads is higher than for Linux system (according with this source:

  • “221,230 GNU/Linux users
  • an impressive 320,622 Mac OS X users
  • a staggering 2,449,863 Microsoft Windows users.”

Well done guys, I’m happy for you specially for Eric. Education mascot ready for the Foss.In in Bangalore

Rakesh Pandit ( will normally go to the Foss.In event in Bangalore (India) on Nov 25-29, 2008.
So, to go with him, the mascot has take a picture just behind the Taj Mahal..

At the moment, we don’t know if Eric Bachard ( will join Rakesh to the Foss.In, he’s waiting an answer from the organizers!
Good luck guys. Education mascot ready to go to Toronto!

Today, it’s time to make a break and contribute to the open source community!
Well, I drew a new image for the Education project.
The theme is a visit of the Edu-MOoouette (mascot of the project) to Toronto (specially for Eric).
See the result :

So, it’s a new image in the collection:
What do you think about the images?