Once again: Bye-bye Ubuntu, welcome Lubuntu

In April 2011, Ubuntu introduced Unity.
A lot of articles for or against have been wrote about it since.
I won't write a new one: NO!

I'll simply want to explain what misses to Unity to be my professional desktop.
– needs too much power for displaying windows only (Unity 3d),
– too buggy (Unity 2d) specially in multi-screen mode,
– not at all customizable or even modifiable,
– needs a lot of hacks /tricks to show basic informations (CPU usage, standard apps menu),
– not 100% compatible with all apps (icons hidden in Inkscape for example).

Of course, it's possible to argue on my POV but it's a fact for my needs, Unity is not able to let me work efficiently.

It's why I decided to try another way: Lubuntu.

What is Lubuntu?
On the website we can read: "lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE…"
Sounds very good, isn't it?

Let try this.
After downloading the ISO (32 bits) and install it on a usb stick, I boot my computer on Lubuntu and it runs really quickly, even in live cd mode (in RAM memory).
After seeing that all my stuff are recognized by the system, I click on Install button and follow the very easy process of the installation.

20 min later, I'm in front of Lubuntu.
Here, the desktop is not really ready for my needs but after some work, it will be!

For the tips and tricks I made in Lubuntu, have a look to my next articles :
– Custom clock applet, enable numlock and 2 bottom panels
– Replace applet volume icon and add a nice sound mixer
– Enable Shift+Control+Left-Right to move application and the shutdown button
– Add autostart applications and desktop shortcuts


5 thoughts on “Once again: Bye-bye Ubuntu, welcome Lubuntu

  1. Yeah, but the work that Shuttleworth’s team is doing with the hud and other Unity improvements and fixes should be interesting to see in the long run. I used Fedora with LXDE and I really like the interface, and it’s nice, but I like seeing the new hotness Canonical opens up with each release

  2. Hi Isabelle. It depends of the video card. In my case, it’s a nvidia which provides a nice tools to setup a multi-screen configuration on the fly. With other cards, it could be a bit more complicated. You should have a look to the tool Xrandr.

  3. Hi EciPCCare, thanks for your comment. Well, I follow Ubuntu since a long time now (since the beginning probably) and I tried all of their variants (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu..).The big problem, I think with Unity, it’s not the big work made around (for sure they did) but the direction taken to the largest possible audience to follow MS Windows and Mac OS. Remember that for Shuttleworth, Apple is the company to follow and to take in example.But…- Is Linux really this type of OS? – Is Linux should become a Apple or MS clone to be a popular OS?The future will tell us, maybe.In the same time, Mac OS becomes a iOS. Even Microsoft with its next Windows 8 will be a big shift in direction to the mobile devices.

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