Touchscreen gestures icons, cartoon style

This multitouch / touchscreen set of cartoon icons is supposed to help people which have a project of application for kids on tablet.
With it, it will be easy to prepare and show some screen demo.


You can find individual SVG files of them here:

Let me know if you like them or use them.


11 thoughts on “Touchscreen gestures icons, cartoon style

  1. I like them.This is for a game for android devices. It is not for kids, but for a tutorial of a 2D physics game.OpenClipart was down since few days, but now he is back.

  2. Hi there, can I use one of your images for an app I’m developing? I like the image on the top row, third image.

    • Hi Craig, sure, you can use them as you wish, simply please add somewhere the origin of them.
      That could be nice to see a sreenshot of your work!

      • Thanks. I’ll be sure to give you credit in my app and on the support website once I get that done. My IOS app prototype is done but but I still have a lot of work remaining so I don’t think it will get submitted to the App Store for another month. I’ll send you a message once it goes live.

        My current plans are to turn that image upside-down and change the grey background to something more colorful once I decide on the color.

        thanks again.

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