Ubuntu VLC audio delay fix

Since that the Ubuntu team decided to switch to PulseAudio, many users have got audio problems.
It's still true with the last Ubuntu 11.04
One of them is the audio delay with the video player, VLC.

There are many solutions to fix it, more or less easy, like replacing the PulseAudio by the (old but good) ALSA.
But this solution brake a lot of native things in Ubuntu.

Recently, I discovered that's not need to remove PulseAudio for using ALSA.

Follow this steps to achieve it and definitively say bye-bye to the audio delay!

1. start VLC

2. go to the preferences: Tools > Preferences

3. tick the full view (left-bottom) > ALL

4. click on Output module entry and choose the menu: Alsa audio output


5. in the same part, click on the Alsa entry and choose the ALSA Device Name: HDA NVidia: ALC662 rev1 Analog (hw:0,0) (in my case)


6. Save

Finally restart VLC and try a movie, good show!


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