Mageia logo to celebrate the birth!

Apparently, it’s the fashion to fork. Some people think that the great and normal life of Open Source projects, I believe it too.. not in all cases but for this time, I think so.

But what is the name of the project?
Mageia, the new fork of the Linux distribution Mandriva. I won’t explain why the folk exists, to know more about the project, go to

As a new project, Mageia doens’t have a visual identity, even a logo. Some designers started to upload their creation on a Flickr page:

To celebrate the birth of Mageia, I decided to join them and to design some logos, here you are:


Notion Ink logo contest

Notion ink is the company which will provide to us the Adam tablet, the more promising tablet of the year.

Why promising?
First of all, because it will be the first pad to provide a 10.1″ screen technology with 2 modes: passive and active. It should be possible to watch the screen outside even in sunny day.
It will come with Nvidia Tegra2, SSD 16/32Go, 3.2 Mp swivel camera and more…
For the rest of specifications, go to

Last Friday (10.15), a contest has been launched on the official blog ( to design the company logo.
For the winner: $1,000 and (particularly) a ADAM tablet only if a logo is retained!

Designing a company logo is really challenging and stimulating. In the same time, I’d like to get a ADAM tablet. Then I decide to try one’s luck.!

Let me share with you some designs made for the contest (and already sent).

I should be happy to read your comment about my proposals!