Cheap and easy DIY iPhone steering wheel for fantastic driving sensations

The intro story
The brother of Alice (Thanks Math) given to me a 2G iPhone 2 years ago. 
I used it a lot but 6 months later, the Home button stopped to work (it’s a well known problem with iPhone).
I tried to fix it but without success and finally bought a 3G iPhone.
Last week, I decided to retry to fix the first generation iPhone. After some solderings (flex cable of the Home button broken), the iPhone has resuscitated (the back cover is a bit damaged, it’s very hard to open).
Well, what to do with 2 iPhones, a car game and a little boy?
Yes, of course, a multiplayer race. But for my 4 years old boy, the iPhone is not really ideal to hold, specially to play a car game.
Ok, no problem, I decide to transform the iPhone in a real car simulation experience. 
And what you need to achieve this ambitious project? a steering wheel, of course!

Question: How to build a DIY iPhone steering wheel for next to nothing? See bellow.. 

What you  need:
 – a 2G iPhone (can work with 3G)
 – a steering wheel toy
 – an original iPhone packing (here first generation)
 – a bit of scotch-tape
 – 4 screws (for plastic)

 – an electric drill (like Dremel)
 – a screwdriver

 – between 1 and 2 hours depends how you are good with your hands!

1. Find an unused toy with a steering wheel. In this case, annoying and very noisy toy for the parents.

2. Pull out the wheel (4 screws to remove) and put the iPhone on the center to get to an overall view.

3. Find the original box of the iPhone (again thanks to Math to have given to me the full package) and get the transparent plastic packing.
Put it in the middle of the wheel, check the alignment and mark with a pen the position of the plastic piece to the wheel.

4. Use a Dremel tool to cut the unwanted bits of the wheel.

5. See the result, around 3 millimetres of plastic has been removed.
Now, the plastic packing takes place naturally in the middle of the wheel.

6. Keep the plastic piece with pieces of scotch-tape and mark 4 circles with a pen. They will be used to attach firmly the piece to the wheel. 

7. First, use a small drill bit to drill the 4 marks to the 2 pieces (packaging and wheel) and make a larger holes to the packaging.
The diameter of the drill bits must match with your screws (here, 2 millimetres and 3 millimetres). The screws come from a old plastic radio.
Before to mount the packaging to the wheel, put 2 rubber bands in each end of the packaging.

8. Now screw the packaging on the wheel.
The iPhone attach with the 4 rubber bands on the middle of the steering wheel.

9. Now, a little video to show how it’s cool to drive with the iPhone.. ok, I’m not really good in game but I’m better with the wheel than without.

10. Enjoy!