Need a third screen for a better productivity? try this, it’s not a real one but GEQ solution!

As a real geek, I’m working with two screens on my desktop computer. But sometime, I’d like to have another one to keep an eye on Twitter for example!
I found a GEQ solution to my problem!
I discovered recently a software called Synergy. It’s quite old (last release April 2006) but it works fine.

What is Synergy?
Synergy offers to share the keyboard, the mouse and the clipboard between multi computers!

How it works?
Simply to install:
– a server on the master computer (with the mouse/keyboard)
– a client on the other computers (without mouse/keyboard).

How to install it?
You have two ways to install Synergy on Linux system:
1- console mode

  • install the software on each computer, in Ubuntu with the followed command:
    sudo apt-get install synergy
  • configure the server
    sudo nano /etc/synergy.conf
section: screens  my_laptop:  my_desktop:endsection: links  my_desktop:    left = my_laptop  my_laptop:    right = my_desktopend

Here, we have the desktop screen on the right of the laptop. You have to insert the hostname (my_laptop and my_desktop here). To know it, put in console “hostname” (or cat $HOSTNAME).

  • Now, run the Synergy server on the desktop:
    the process is automatically loaded as daemon.
  • Finally, on the client side, run by the command:
    synergyc server_ip
  • Move you mouse on the left border of your desktop screen and your pointer is going to jump to the laptop screen, magical isn’t it!

2- with a GUI client:

  • Install a new package called QuickSynergy in all computers:
    sudo apt-get install quicksynergy (on Ubuntu system)
  • Run the soft, in gnome:
    Applications Menu > Accessories > QuickSynergy
  • In the server (computer with mouse/keyboard), choose the first tab “Share” (pict.1)
  • Insert in the left field, the hostname of your client (ex. my_laptop)
  • Click on the Start button
  • Run the soft (see below)
  • In the client, choose the second tab “Use” (pict.2)
  • Insert the server IP in the text field.
  • Click on the Execute button
  • Now, Synergy is ready to use!

Synergy website:
Quick Synergy website:


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