Education mascot ready for the Foss.In in Bangalore

Rakesh Pandit ( will normally go to the Foss.In event in Bangalore (India) on Nov 25-29, 2008.
So, to go with him, the mascot has take a picture just behind the Taj Mahal..

At the moment, we don’t know if Eric Bachard ( will join Rakesh to the Foss.In, he’s waiting an answer from the organizers!
Good luck guys.


How to restore the app icons lost on ASUS eeePC 901 (and other)

Well, a strange thing appears sometimes after a simple update (but I don’t know exactly when).
Some icons disappear and then it looks impossible to start them!

After a long investigation, I found that the problem was in the configuration file of the simple interface.
This file, called simpleui.rc includes all informations of the simple interface (easy isn’t it?).
The problem is that ASUS changed the way to run some applications (“Webcam” -> “ucview” app or “Sound Recorder” -> “krecord” app).
Before this change, the simpleui.rc called a shell launcher script  (/usr/bin/launch-ucview for example).
But this launcher doesn’t exist any more and the configuration tries to use it again.

So, the solution is to change the way to run applications in the simpleui.rc file.

– Open a console window Ctrl+Alt+t
– First of all, we’ll create a symbolic link to the configuration file., run this lines:
– sudo mkdir /home/user/.AsusLauncher
– sudo ln -s /var/lib/AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc /home/user/.AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc
– Now, we’ll modified the configuration file, run this lines:
– sudo  nano /home/user/.AsusLauncher/simpleui.rc
– in Nano, push Ctrl+w (search) and enter “launch-”   Enter
– replace “/usr/bin/launch-ucview” by “/usr/bin/ucview
– do the same with “/usr/bin/launch-krecord” -> “/usr/bin/record
– save the change with Ctrl+o
– and quit Nano: Ctrl+x
– To finish, restart Windows Manager with Ctrl+Alt+BackSpace

Here you can find the original simpleui.rc file from 901:

(Updated: 2009.02.06, thanks to Hugo)

Easy multiple image submit buttons management with Mootools

It can be interesting to have multiple image type submit buttons in a form for example to print and to submit  the form to another page.
A way to do it is to change dynamically the action attribute (in the form tag) by another value just before to send the form.

First of all, add the buttons to your form:

<form id="myform" name="myform" method="post" action="my/temp/page.html">...<input type="image" src="path/to/myimagebutton1.gif" id="btn1" rel="path/to/print/action/page.html" /><input type="image" src="path/to/myimagebutton2.gif" id="btn2" rel="path/to/submit/action/page.html" /></form>

Secondly, insert a small Javascript code after the DOMready declaration.

window.addEvent('domready',function(){        $('btn1').addEvent('click', function() {                $('myform').setAttribute('action', $('btn1').getProperty('rel'));                $('myform').setAttribute('target','_print');        });        $('btn2').addEvent('click', function() {                $('myform').setAttribute('action', $('btn2').getProperty('rel'));                $('myform').setAttribute('target','_parent');        });});

We get the action link from the rel attribute of the related image button and inject it to the action attribute of the form tag.

In the same time, it’s possible to declare the place (target) which will be active (here we have _print page for the 1st and _parent for the 2nd button).

This tip is really usefull when you use the Formcheck class!

FormCheck library for Mootools – fix overlay tips for IE6.x

It’s not possible to show a div element (or any other elements) on a select field in Internet Explorer 6.x
Of course, we get the same problem with the library FormCheck (

I’ve produced recently a small “dirty” fix.
The solution is to insert a iframe inside the generated div (tips).

in forcheck.js:

/*        Function: addError                Private method                Add error message        */        addError : function(obj) {...                if (obj.element) {                        obj.element.empty();                        if (this.options.display.errorsLocation == 1) {                                var errors = [];                                obj.errors.each(function(error) {                                        errors.push(new Element('p').set('html', error));                                });/** Iframe hack for IE6.x for select overlay **/                                if(Browser.Engine.trident4){                                        var cf_iframe = IFrame({                                                src:'about:blank',                                                'frameborder':0,                                                'height':'35px', //must be improve but how?                                                'width':'300px', //must be improve but how?                                                'background':'transparent'                                        }).injectInside(obj.element);                                }/****/                                var tips = this.makeTips(errors).injectInside(obj.element);...

in formcheck.css

.../* fix IE6.x iframe/select */.fc-tbx iframe {        z-index:-1;        filter:mask();        display:block;        position:absolute;}

The known problem with this fix is the fixed dimensions of the iframe.
It’s not possible to put at 100%, the iframe generates ann horizontal scrolling bar.

This solution is based on an idea of Fabien Molinet ( and his script called “Select Fix 0.30”.
Thanks to him! Education mascot ready to go to Toronto!

Today, it’s time to make a break and contribute to the open source community!
Well, I drew a new image for the Education project.
The theme is a visit of the Edu-MOoouette (mascot of the project) to Toronto (specially for Eric).
See the result :

So, it’s a new image in the collection:
What do you think about the images?