BallonMan crossing the channel..

Today is again a crossing day!

The French pilot Stéphane Rousson is currently trying to cross the
English Channel with his muscular powered airship.

He started his adventure at 07h15GMT from Hythe (French coast)and
normally after 5hours of push-pull, he will arrive to Wissant (English
The distance is 45 km. He flies at 30 meters up to the sea.

Good luck Stéphane!

Unfortunately, Stéphane failed after 8 hours of push-pull. In cause, the wind was flowing in the wrong direction at only 10 miles of the arrival point! Apparently, he has to stop for a long time du to the hight costs of the project. Good luck for the next step.

More about S. Rousson:


Fusion man got the Channel.. today, it’s not a comic, it’s true!

A man, a (small) wing, the English Channel, 10mn and 190km/h..
99 years after the French pilot Louis Blériot and a delay of 24h, the Swiss pilot Yves Rossy achieved his target today with success.

Well done Yves!

All about him:

eeepc 901.. good but not nice with a wifi (lightly) protected by WEP!

Trying to fix an annoying problem with the eeepc 901 today.
Its wifi connection stops to work each time I’m starting to use it.
After some searches on the web, I found that I’m not alone in this case (with all eeepc models).
Apparently, the problem is linked with the WEP protection (encryption).
I decided to setup a new wifi with a WPA protection..
and it looks to work, good to know isn’t it?

Know a lot of things on the eeepc family, go there:

IE6.x doesn’t work again with some Mootools code

Following my yesterday work, I have to add a new check on change event for the form in the script.

The idea is to send a request for each change in the form.
It’s easy to do it with Mootools, just add the addEvent() method
This code works fine with Firefox..and Co:

$('myform').addEvent('change', function() {        request.send($('myform'));});
BUT with Internet Explorer 6.x, it doesn’t work at all!
Yes again.. I know.

So, another way to get the same result is to use the magic function $$
With it, it’s easy to get all form elements to check their state (on change status)

$$('^myform_').addEvent('change', function() {        request.send($('myform'));});
Literally, we follow all the id elements starting by “myform_”, for example:
<input type="text" name="myform_text1" id="my_form_text1" />
Of course, you have to start all of your form elements name like this..
It’s not a problem for me, I do it by convention.

working day with Mootools.. find good tips here: blog

Well, a web dev day again today.
I looked for a solution to auto-update form in ajax.
I found solution here:
and here:
thanks to David 😉

I modified a bit the script to return form parameters in the ajax
request, here you are if you want it:

var request = new Request({        url: 'ajax.php',        method: 'post',        onComplete: function(fullresponse) {                var response= fullresponse.split('::');                $('result0').set('html',response[0]);                $('result1').set('html',response[1]);        }})var sendForm = function() {        request.send($('form3'));}sendForm.periodical(5000);